We’re celebrating!

Clanwilliam 200

At Yellow Aloe we’ll use any excuse to throw a party and celebrate. But this year calls for something extra special as our cosy town turns a momentous 200 years old! If you’ve ever been to Clanwilliam you’ll know the town loves to celebrate. Locals are always game to get involved in the colourful festivities, and tourists hurriedly extend their stay for just one more day, because well, they’re just not quite ready to leave this vibrant place. Notwithstanding our proud 200 years of heritage, visitors are encouraged to explore and celebrate Clanwilliam, the Cederberg and its beautiful surrounds for a variety of reasons.

The first and probably most famous reason for coming here is to marvel at the breathtakingly beautiful indigenous flowers during spring. And boy is this natural wonder a cause for celebration! Around the end of August each year, fields as far as the eye can see transform into colourful blankets of wild flowers. Typically green and brown spaces metamorphose into vast tracts of yellows, oranges, pinks and purples – the sheer size of these bright patchwork floral quilts will keep you transfixed for hours. And no, you needn’t be a botanical enthusiast to enjoy the delights of nature’s colourful celebration.

During summer familiar smells of roostebroodjies and boerewors rolls waft down the main street while weekenders and holiday makers enjoy hours of fun in the sun on our ever-popular Clanwilliam Dam. And, if you’re a ‘health is the new wealth’ kind of person who’ll pick a trail run over watching series on TV, there’s the annual Freshpak Triathlon that takes place in October. Thousands of swimmers, runners and cyclists gather in the shadow of the towering Cederberg Mountains, some hoping to improve on last year’s finishing time while others line up to tackle their first ever triathlon event. A celebration of fitness, family and fun all in one weekend, the Freshpak Triathlon has become an annual highlight on most competitor’s calendars. We can’t wait for this year’s exciting event and the team at Yellow Aloe would like to wish all entrants a safe and fun race!

Not into flowers or fitness? What about wine or tea? Cederberg Wines offer a delicious selection of premium red and white wines that rival the best. So if you enjoy a fine glass of crisp white or a smooth red we suggest you pay the vineyard a visit. We’re confident you won’t need much persuasion to indulge in some tasting, but we do have a little warning: You may need a little more space in your luggage for the bottles you buy to take home as a fond reminder of this magical place and its delicious offerings. Speaking of delicious offerings, visitors to Clanwilliam mustn’t miss out on our flagship product: Rooibos tea. But don’t just take it with sugar and milk; rather head to one of the major Rooibos farms where you can take an informative tour and learn more about this uniquely rare and indigenous tea that’s been used in various remedies, cures and cooking recipes for, well, 200 years!

Yes, we’re celebrating, but not just our town’s 200th birthday – we’re celebrating everything that makes us unique. So, if you’re looking to head out of the city for the weekend, stopping over en route to somewhere else, flying in from afar or if you just happen to stumble upon us by accident, we’d like to welcome you into our town and extend an invitation for you to celebrate with us as we pay tribute to 200 years of small town splendour! Happy birthday Clanwilliam, here’s to the next 200!

Lots of love,

Yellow Aloe x